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Computer Network Recommendations - Don't throw out that old PC yet, you can restore it back to orginial factory!

Preserve your VHS video taped home memories, convert them to DVD, MPEG4 and other movie formats. Hollywood-style DVD menus add the perfect finishing touch. Share your DVD with family and friends..

PowerPoint presentation and Video creations: I can combine all your photos and favorite music into a PowerPoint presentation, which can be converted to DVD and Video.

We have a local Artist that can put your Portraits or Photos you bring in onto a canvas of any size. A great gift idea to capture those precious memories. Check out Our Gallery! Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click to the next pages.

Knowledge - 15 years of experience specializing in providing Computer support and other services for families and small businesses and large corporations.

Please contact me for more specific information on what I can help you with!